Step 3 Online tickets – Passenger details

Introduce the passenger data or the contact person of the group.

In you want to leave the date open, you should not select an specific date to do the flight. Then the tickets will be available for 1 year to enjoy the activity.

Also, if you want to leave the possibility to choose the zone afterwards, select ‘Open’ in the Zone box.

Exclusive flight 2 people

  • Acompañados unicamente por el piloto
  • Validez: 1 año desde la fecha de compra
  • Lugares: Madrid/Segovia/Aranjuez/Toledo
  • Duración del vuelo: 1 hora
  • Duración aproximada de la actividad: 3 horas
  • Celebración con cava y almuerzo campestre
  • Diplomas de vuelo
  • Vídeo y reportaje fotográfico
1st Passenger Name *
2nd Passenger Name *
Contact Phone *
Flight date (*) Please check for last minute reservations (less than 12 hours). Delete the date if you want to keep it open.
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Price: 775,00 EUR
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