two balloonsFlights for individuals

A fantastic point of view, a space for adventure

From the first flame inflating the balloon, until the last breeze who lands it, the flight will be an experience to be remembered all your life, discovering unexpected landscapes, floating with the wind, very high up.

Aerotours offers pleasure hot-air balloon flights to individual customers or companies, individuals or groups, frying from historical places like Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez... Referenced by the quality of our service and the experience of our pilots, the security of the passngers are in the best hands.

The approximate duration of the flight is 1 hour. The clothing, for your convenience, will be according to the season, there is no need for extra clothing more than a walk in the country side. At the end of the flight, we will celebrate with a cava toast and each passenger will receive a Flight Certificate to remember the date.


Give aerotours as a present and make his dream come true!. The tickets are valid for 1 year and allow to enjoy the activity in all the flight zones. Share a group experience or we can organize an exclusive flight for two people.


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